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Expressions in Mixed Media Portrait Painting E-course

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WHAT: 4 week online workshop exploring different mixed media tools and tips to help you express your true self through portrait painting. We will be covering the following:
*Traditional face drawing basics
*Breaking away from tradition
*Painting skin tones
*Exploration in colorful skin tones and highlights
*Using acrylic paint, watercolor crayons, colored pencils, ink, etc
*collage, stencil and creative backgrounds
*self love and nourishing tips
*finding your spirit and style

HOW: Through daily instruction, inspiration, exercises, challenges and video demonstration, we will go through all of the steps to help you create your own mixed media portraits. Work at your own pace or follow along with daily posts. Class will remain open FOREVER! So you have all the time you need.

WHERE: Online~ Private, password protected website with access to all class material) There will be a Facebook group for sharing with other members in the group.

WHO: For anyone who has a passion for life, creating and trying new things. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never drawn or painted or if you’ve been painting for a while. This class will help you learn and explore your own style.

WHY: Because it’s fun to learn something new. Because you want to expand what you already know. Because you want to live more creatively and see things with new eyes. Because you love color and exploration.

Basic Supplies:
Art journal for painting, drawing/sketch pad, graphic drawing pencils, pencil sharpener or x-acto knife, kneaded eraser, craft paints, acrylic artist paints (Golden, Liquitex, Deco Art or other), painting brush set, matte gel medium, white gesso, Stabillo Marks All pencil in black and white, sand paper.

Optional Supplies:
(you may want to see the techniques taught in class before deciding to purchase the following items):
Water color paper, red rosin paper, charcoal pencils, blending sticks, Peel-off Magic Rub eraser, sumi ink (or other permanent ink) and bamboo brushes, black gesso, stencils, fun papers, ephemera, collage papers, Portfolio Brand oil pastels, Aqua Sticks or NeoColorII water color crayons.

*A more detailed list will be available prior to class starting.

Upon purchase of class, you will receive an email notifying you of enrollment within 24 hours. This email will contain further instruction on how to access site. You have unlimited access to all class content and videos so that you can work at your own pace.

By purchasing this e-course, you are agreeing to not share password and content. Thank you!

Please contact me with any questions.
Sorry, no refunds. Purchase of this e-course is final.

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